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Why should you have a hand crafted website?

Louise Manser Louise Manser - 22 May 2019

It’s safe to say that often if you pay a little bit more for something then it’s likely to be of a higher quality, not in every circumstance but most of them. For example, if you were to purchase an item of furniture on the low cost side, you know it will do the job for a small period of time.  However, if you were to purchase something at a slightly higher cost, you can gain a lot more. Stronger performance, a longer lifespan and generally better aesthetics.

So, how does this relate to websites?

Let’s consider a new, bespoke website as the more expensive item of furniture and let’s consider a theme-built site to be representative of the low cost furniture. You know that in both examples you will get something that you can look at and be generally very pleased with, which almost sounds too good to be true, and unfortunately, the majority of the time it is. Having a theme built site may look good on the outside but it will come with a whole heap of problems, and unless you are a web developer or a good carpenter then you won’t know how to fix these issues. There’s also a good chance that your web developer wouldn’t know how to fix a theme problem as it has been written by someone else in their own unique way. It’s comparative to trying to read a foreign language where you only understand a few words. The issues you may face could be very simple or very challenging: you’re not happy with a font or a colour, you want to reposition an element to be on the left, not the right, you want your menu to come flying out the side rather than stationary. With a bespoke website this is all achievable because it’s being coded to meet your requirements right from the start and not to fit a general consensus like a theme does. It’s like buying your new armchair to suit the way you sit because it’s a lot comfier, rather then buying an armchair that is trying to fit a whole range of consumers.

Your bespoke website will also generally last you a lot longer because it suits you and your brand and your vision, you can update as an when, so maintaining google friendly content. Having a theme for a website is generic and looks generic. Imagine you have a white living room (your brand) and you put a red sofa (your website) in the middle of it. At a later date you’d like to add some cushions, maybe a coffee table, some flowers etc. With this space (theme) you may be able to add slightly but the finer details that distinguish you, would not be available. Now imagine in your white room with firstly a sofa of your choosing in style and colour, one which everyone already exclaims “Wow” and we’ve only just started! At a later date you can add anything else to this unique space, whilst we also advice on current trends and updates.

We understand that a theme can be an appealing option, but we don’t want it to be your only option. Our bespoke websites range from low cost single pages through to full eCommerce. We get to know you and your brand, ensuring you have a beautiful online space, that is all you!

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