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Should I purchase more than one domain?

Louise Manser Louise Manser - 10 June 2019

A question that arises during nearly all new and current website developments. It’s tricky to answer, Google rank your website on actual hosted content, purchasing domains to rank higher on this basis won’t make too much of a difference. With the possibility to now additionally purchase extensions such as .online .graphics .today etc here we run through 5 common reasons why businesses have more than one domain.



Often a business will own domains to cover known misspellings, of their actual business name. For example may also own and

Long business name

If your business is it would be good to also purchase and Shortening the name can make it more memorable and easier to read on printed material.

Sound similar

If your business is very close to that of another, you may consider purchasing your closest similarity. It doesn’t always have to be to distinguish from the competition, but could benefit setting aside any confusion towards your business.

New name

If you’re launching a new site with a new name, you may if not already owned, look to purchase your previous business name. Likewise if you know you will be changing your business name in the future, it would be worthwhile purchasing that name in advance.

Protecting your brand

The variations of .org can depend on your business size and location. If you’re based in the UK and are looking to market internationally, you may look to purchase your business name, with its relevant .extension within the overseas market places.


In addition

If Google identifies additional domains pointed towards a single website, it will interpret your website as multiple sites with duplicated content. Duplicated content is not good for SEO. Doing a 301 redirect to your main site, also known as forwarding is a far better way of using your additional domains to their maximum.


If you need any advice or help with purchasing a domain, feel free to get in touch with us!