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Red Nose Day 2019

Louise Manser Louise Manser - 12 March 2019

As many of you will be aware Red Nose Day is this Friday – the 15th March. This means you will need to dust off your Red Nose from last year and get ready to support Comic Relief. Comic Relief has been around since Boxing Day of 1985 when it was first aired by the BBC and now every year people all over the country will get up and go and fundraise for the amazing causes Comic Relief supports.


There are many ideas out there to fundraise for Comic Relief so be creative and innovative in your ideas but if you are struggling here’s a few ideas for what you can do:



A very quick and easy way to raise funds for the cause, simply download a sweepstake poster and get all your family and friends to donate, you can download the official Red Nose Day poster here



Pull together a few of your finest quizzing brains and get together to raise money by testing out your knowledge against the Red Nose Day quiz – Download Quiz


Bake On

Perhaps you fancy yourself as more of a Chef and would like to bake cakes to sell, a great idea to raise money and not go hungry! – Explore Baking


Dress Up / Down

Get into character and dress up for Comic Relief or maybe give yourself a break from your work uniform and dress down for the day.


Dance Off

One for the more sporty fundraisers but have yourself a dance off, Claudia Winkleman & Tess Daly this year are going to try and complete the World’s Longest Danceathon for Comic Relief by dancing for 24 hours straight- Why not join them by downloading the Danceathon pack here


Donate an Hours Pay

Or you could simply donate an hour of your pay to the cause- find more information on how to do this on the Payroll giving website.


What do your donations do?

Comic Relief donations go straight to the cause with 100% going to the rightful recipients. The donations made are used to support vulnerable people and communities in the UK and Internationally. Their vision is to create a poverty-free world by supporting amazing organisations doing amazing things. Our donations have contributed to over £1 billion for Comic Relief since 1985 and are proving to be successful as more and more vulnerable people are stepping out of the realms of poverty and creating a better future for themselves. The money raised is donated towards supporting causes with proven solutions and towards those creating new ones.


No matter what you are doing this Friday any donations towards Comic Relief in any way are gratefully received and go a long way towards making a difference.


You can find out more information about Comic Relief on their website: