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Marvelous Pancakes by our Fabulous Web Designer, Mark.

Rotary Creative Group Rotary Creative Group - 05 March 2019

This is a flippin’ fantastic recipe for those who like the American style fluffy pancakes…


As with any good recipe you need to go to the shop and buy everything because who keeps eggs flour and milk in the house these days?

125g  Plain Flour

3  Large eggs

250ml Milk

Pinch of salt

You’ve probably now decided that you know how to make pancakes yourself already and have carried on without me. For those still with me, here we go…

  1. Sieve the flour and salt together into a large bowl, give it a mix while you’re at it to make sure the salt isn’t hiding in one spot.
  2. Now here is my difference – separate the eggs… after you’ve cracked each one open. Place the yolks in with the flour and salt and then place the whites into another large bowl. They’ll come in handy later.
  3. Mix the yolks, flour and milk together to form a smooth batter. If it’s not charming you at this point it’s not smooth enough.
  4. Now whisk (an electric whisk if possible) up the egg whites to form fairly stiff peaks. You can hold the bowl above your head if you like, just don’t do that as you’re whisking.
  5. Place half of the whisked eggs into the bowl with the batter mix and tuck it into bed (or fold) with a spatula. Use a slow figure of 8 motion to bring the batter mix over the top of the egg whites so you’re not losing any of the air trapped in them (Thanks Delia!).
  6. Then place the third half of the whites in with the batter and tuck into bed also. Continue until all the whites have been mixed in.
  7. Place the frying pan on your hob on a high heat.
  8. Once the pan has started smoking turn the heat down a little and add a knob of butter to coat the surface.
  9. Now for the exciting bit… Place some of the batter mix into the pan, depending on how hungry you’re feeling. It’s going to hold it’s shape, so pat it down gently into a pancake shape and to the thickness you feel comfortable with.
  10. Allow it to cook until golden brown on the bottom and then flip… a coin to decide whether you’re going to use your spatula to turn over (Safe!) or attempt to lose all dignity and cause mass hysteria and go for the toss.
  11. If you have any batter left then repeat 10 until you become bored or run out of batter.
  12. I’ve helped you this far, now you’re on your own. Find something in the fridge or freezer that will successfully mask the taste and/or make it look more presentable.
  13. TOP TIP: If you smear chocolate spread all over them you can’t even tell that it looks like a lump of charcoal.
  14. For the Coders – Step 12 again for you….

if ( batter > 0 && humiliation > 0 ) {


} else {

echo ‘Just stop… Think of the children!’;


Have a good Pancake day all!