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Let’s Talk Paper and Board

Louise Manser Louise Manser - 26 February 2016
Paper - Rotary Printers Stourport Worcestershire

Paper is thought to go back as far as 206BC, originally invented in China, during the Han Dynasty. Its expansion and production truly took flight during the 15th century, with the invention of the printing press and beginning of the printing revolution.

As we quickly fast forward to 2016, the amount that our global market produces in one year, is thought to be around 400 million metric tons. With 54% of all paper and board produced, being used for a variety of packaging.

Paper is a huge global business and here at Rotary we encourage the support of this every day…

  • We purchase FSC accredited paper and board
  • We recycle daily
  • We maintain our Carbon Smart Gold Award for having the lowest carbon emissions

Having established the key supports, we move onto the various common mm x mm and gsm.

Or in other words dimensions and weights.