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High five to our web team!

Louise Manser Louise Manser - 07 March 2018

Welcome to our new website, encompassing everything Rotary Creative Group.

We are very proud of our in house web team, working in between large projects they have designed and developed our site, smoothly and effectively.

Adam our Lead Web Designer has a passion for building stunning websites. Adam is high in knowledge of Joomla, WordPress and many other Content Management Systems. With industry experience exceeding 12 years, Adam has worked with a mix of start-ups and large corporate businesses, and has experience designing the right user experience for the right audience. Having gained experience working for the largest Digital Agency in Shropshire and a growing Software Development company in Worcestershire, Adam blends his development expertise with UX prowess to create websites that are both engaging and functional. If you’re looking for the latest awesome technology coupled with a fantastic look (see Adam is your man.

Mark our Web Designer is a passionate and creative individual, whom enables both qualities to flow within the websites. Being slightly new to the web industry, yet having experience in excess of 10 years, Mark has a great depth of design and knowledge of code. Having spent some time working in the music industry, Mark has shifted his talents of reading and writing the code of music, to the wonderful code of web. With a keen eye and talent for photography and video editing Mark creates engaging posts for social media. Notably in a previous post, building over 32,000 followers over two years on Instagram. If you’re looking for something new, such as an interactive light switch within your site (see Mark is your Man.

Both Adam and Mark fully code from scratch to integrate with WordPress, bringing up to date technologies, fantastic exploratory reports and exciting concepts to the table, every time. Recently developing our online advanced support system, you can speak with our team in real time, accessing and resolving on the go.

Forever discovering and creating, we can effectively offer you exactly what you want.

For further information, we would love to hear from you!