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Add a little treat to your next event!

Louise Manser Louise Manser - 03 May 2019

Branded confectionery is taking the market by storm, the options continue to grow and we love the tasty offerings of this unique industry.

Thinking of your next event or exhibition, the opportunities are endless, the pressure to have something unique and relevant can often be a daunting task. Most businesses prefer a giveaway that will last and stand the text of time. Yes branded confectionery in physical terms doesn’t last, but it does take your brand to whole new level, offering a uniqueness to ‘how you feel’. Engaging one of the 5 senses, taste, we take a little look at what this delicious promotional produce has to offer.



These gluten free delights can be branded in your corporate colours, suitably wowing potential customers and creating a stand out impression. They come in an assortment of flavours and covered in Belgian chocolate, with or without sparkles.





Available individually wrapped, or in an elegant two or six piece box, the packaging can be fully branded and personalised. Colour options and sprinkles available, with the addition of an edible logo, for that added extra treat.




Using an award nominated gluten-free recipe, and the finest ingredients available, the Belgian Chocolate Brownies feature any custom logo, image or message of your choosing. Perfect for any event.





Sweets and Treats

From love hearts and dolly mixtures, to rainbow lollies and buttons, there is something for everyone. Your brand colours can also be added to add that extra delight with your logo to top.



The selection continues and our team work hard to ensure it’s the right fit for your promotion.


If you’d like any samples or visuals – please get in touch